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Superior Court of Los Angeles

The Superior Court of Los Angeles, Local Rules, rule 3.57 (d) allows the court to defer ruling on the motion but may order that no mention of the matter be made until it decides otherwise. It is the duty of counsel to instruct clients, witnesses, and experts and other persons under their control not to mention the matter in front of the jury. If you face any business case in Los Angeles then hire Los Angeles business lawyer.

And if you are litigating in Ventura County, beware of the two page rule! Once you have got over the shock, it can actually' streamline a process which embodies the less is more rule.

Motions in limine come in bunches. It is not unusual for a trial judge to be presented with literally dozens of in limine motions - for each party - in a single case. Make your motion stand out from the pack. You will make the life of your judge, and your case, easier.

As with all motion writing, less is often more. If the court is familiar with the general facts of the case, there is no need to recite a lengthy restatement of the case history. Write a direct and succinct first paragraph and get straight down the law and how it applies to your argument.

Geraldine is an associate at the Law Offices of Michael J. Piuze, Los Angeles, which specializes in major plaintiff personal injury cases. Ms. Ifciss has obtained many seven-figure settlements I verdicts for her clients and been involved in several record-breaking verdicts ranging in topics from civil rights violations to tobacco litigation. She was educated in England and obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Cardiff in Wales, After moving to the States, she received her J.D. from Whittier Law School. She serves on the Board of Governors for CAALA. She is also on the board of governors at large of CAOC and was in its group of nominees for the 2008 Triad Attorney of the tear.

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